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Avoiding pricing pitfalls: a guide to restaurant pricing strategy

In the world of restaurant pricing, there’s a delicate dance between staying competitive and maintaining profitability.…
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Improve your value proposition with the right kind of innovation

Have you ever wondered why value propositions don’t improve despite all the efforts that go into…
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Questions to help refine value proposition development

Ever found yourself in a maze of ideas? I’ve always found I think better when I’m…
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Do your revenue driving activities line up with your financial plan?

Stop treating all your revenue driving activities the same way. You’ll get better financial outcomes. Be…
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Your product efforts need to focus on reach

Do you consider ‘reach’ when trying to optimize your product offering? If not, you’re likely missing…
Growth through new stores
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Improve your success entering new geographic markets

Get your real estate model and new store marketing plans right New unit growth is one…
5 ways to improve innovation outcomes
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5 Ways to Improve Innovation Outcomes

Building solutions your market wants and your teams can deliver My five-year-old daughter likes to say,…
Ten considerations when developing a multi-day part offering to drive success.
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10 steps to driving multi-day part success

How do restaurants successfully drive multi-day parts? Expanding into a new daypart can be a great…
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How to set-up and understand marketing incrementality

Your team is likely using some combination of tools to understand the performance and contribution of…
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Areas to analyze when developing your annual marketing plan

It’s that time of year again. Yes, it’s back to school. It’s also likely that your…
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Restaurant revenue growth playbook

If you’ve nailed your brand, operating, and financial model, you should be looking to scale your…
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Understand how long the effects of advertising last

Why, if the effects of advertising can span beyond the immediate to months or years, do…
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Have you over invested in your media channels?

Similar impact, 64% less work. And yet 98% of people do more than they likely need…
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Are you using distribution and partnerships as significant growth levers?

How much are distribution and partnerships part of how you think about growth? I’m reminded of…
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8 devices to help form perceptions of value

With a slowing of demand, we will see increased promotional activity and a focus on sharp…
Be careful driving check
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Be careful pushing check too hard

I see posts talking about the need to maximize every sale, given the operating environment. This…
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Getting the most out of your tests

Here are some general principles to use when figuring out how to structure your tests. Learning…
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Are you playing offense or defense with the competition?

You can’t win playing defense.
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Compete for more than just those consumers who are in market now

Many companies focus on capturing demand. Which is just taking what the market will give you.…
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Why automatically installing tech into your existing customer experience misses a potentially bigger opportunity

A recent PYMNTS study found that QSR operators plan to automate nearly half of the store…
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Is your marketing team giving you the “right” things?

You keep focusing on getting more from your marketing. Before you focus on strategies and tactics,…
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Make your revenue conversations more productive

That Whack-a-Mole game specifically. Addressing each revenue conversation as they arise–one at a time in what…
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Old-school menu reengineering trick

I just finished reviewing a menu analysis with a mid-sized restaurant concept. One of the discussion…