I speak on how growth and innovation happen in restaurant, retail, and branded environments. Content typically focuses on the enabling concepts, best practices, and what is currently working.

Time on stage can range from 5 minutes to 40 minutes. Fees are based on the length of the presentation, necessary preparation, and audience. Other associated costs are extra.

Should your needs match well, please feel free to connect to discuss potential topics that interest your audience.

Speaking Experience

It’s likely you have underinvested or not fully leveraged your main selling asset.

In many companies it’s fluffy. It’s light. To many, “brand” has become synonymous with work that doesn’t lead to commercial success. And if you are thinking about or using your brand as some mechanism to just attract interest, it likely won’t. Instead, think of your brand as an organizing force. Clarity around it can shape your menu, pricing, where you place restaurants, possible future new growth pathways, and yes, marketing. This is bigger than just building demand. It connects to your employees and their day-today lives in your restaurants. It provides focus and efficiency for your teams when building and developing. Being intentional around it can have benefits for them as well.

If you’re running any kind of established company, you’ve likely got two competing interests.

You need to maintain the customer you serve today while also acquiring new customers.

Sometimes this tension when acquiring new customers or markets requires adjustments to some part of the offering that your current customer (and likely employee base) love. Many companies get sideways here. In any effort to “just grow” or “do something” they drift from what is true for that company.

This is where your brand comes back in. By understanding what is “true” for both the customer you serve today and your future customer you can build with confidence in your ability to scale.

You do this by understanding the problems and jobs your current and prospective customers are trying to solve. Then ensure what your brand uniquely offers and how it uniquely delivers it can solve those problems in the same way for both groups.