Have you over invested in your media channels?

Similar impact, 64% less work. And yet 98% of people do more than they likely need to.

A study by Kapero (great group, worth the follow) found that 98% of B2C companies use more than eleven channels in their marketing.

That alone is worth a post all to itself.

The cost of producing all that content fit for channel.

Creative spread across more channels, reducing its power.

Let alone the opportunity cost for where and how those resources could have been alternatively allocated.

This all stands in stark contrast to what the evidence shows.

A study by Analytic Partners illustrates the diminishing returns most brands get when they move beyond four channels.

And yet.

“It’s free…” (yeah, right)

“We need to be there early…” (is your target there yet? in adequate numbers to reach your business goals?)

“We’re fully optimized” (in every facet? would you still be if you narrowed your dollars into fewer channels?)

There’s a reason for the saying, “Don’t spread yourself too thin.”