Is your marketing team giving you the “right” things?

You keep focusing on getting more from your marketing.

Before you focus on strategies and tactics, make certain you and your organization are aligned around two flavors if you will:

1️⃣ The first is how you see their role:
– What are the high-level outcomes you want to achieve?
– What activities would support this?
– What behaviors would support this (e.g., becoming more proactive rather than reactive)?
– Is it clear in your head?
– In their heads?

2️⃣ The second are gaps in:
– How they are structured
– Their capability
– Your and their knowledge
– How they engage within your organization
– How do you both evaluate
– What the organization expects from them

If you’re looking for your marketing team to be more of a business driver (rather than a service provider), don’t silo your team to just one area, or you’ll be missing out on some of the levers to drive growth.

You can do this by understanding their role within an end-to-end revenue audit model.