Why automatically installing tech into your existing customer experience misses a potentially bigger opportunity

A recent PYMNTS study found that QSR operators plan to automate nearly half of the store tasks over the next two years, while FSR operators plan to do it with a quarter of the tasks.

We’re at a point where it’s needed; if done right, our employees and customers will appreciate it.

Often, teams will think about an element of the experience where they want to reduce friction and expense.

If you’re willing to rework the experience, don’t just replace one widget with a different widget.

There is such a bigger play here.

To get to that bigger play, you need to start with an understanding of what your customer is trying to get done:

– functionally
– emotionally
– and socially

The goal is to identify and develop the process that most efficiently accomplishes the customer’s goals.

You have likely figured out that some of those steps in your current experience can be ELIMINATED as they serve no value to your customer (or employee). That is the ultimate reduction of friction and expense.

With this new process, think about how your brand shows up in those key moments to create an experience that creates repeat purchases.

Another benefit of this is confidence in knowing you’re using capital efficiently.

So, while I understand the allure of the immediate benefit of replacing a current step of your CX with technology, consider the aforementioned.

If you’re going to ask your customers and employees to learn a new behavior, why not make it something that will bring them and you long-term happiness?