Scotch Game is a consultancy founded to provide restaurant leaders with quick access to proven growth and innovation expertise in a format that is both on-demand and scaled to their needs. With deep experience and responsibility in driving revenue and middle of the P&L growth, Scotch Game can create the impact restaurant leaders desire.

Fractional CMO
Consultant and Advisory
Leadership and Coaching
Results Guarantee

Services Overview


Understand where and how the main drivers of growth could perform better.

Timeline: six to eight weeks.

For diagnostics, we engage deeply with the leadership team and other key stakeholders to understand areas that link to growth. This information, coupled with a review of other pertinent information such as recent and current strategic plans, customer and competitive research, and business analytics, helps form an executive-level report that covers major findings and recommendations for where and how to improve.  

Two offerings are included in this service area:

  1. Marketing Audit focuses exclusively on the marketing area and function, including media plans, messaging, creative, brand tracking/measurement, team remit, roles, and structure.
  2. Growth Audit builds on the Marketing Audit to cover your product offering, pricing approach, and new product/service pipeline evaluation in the context of your strategy and growth goals. A review of your real estate approach and an evaluation of the connectivity between employee and customer experiences is also covered.

Consultant and Advisory

Tackle a specific challenge or address a key growth opportunity.

Timeline: three to four months.

​Work typically runs along one of two tracks:

  • Strategic leader involves conducting analysis and deciding how best to address the area of need.
  • Mentor/guide to the team or project owner working to help ensure that the solution is strategically sound and fits within strategy and overall business model.

Given the nature of the work, we work closely with someone on the leadership team and any key functional members as needed.

Projects are initiated with an intake that allows for a basic project plan to be completed to provide visibility into key activities and timelines that will lead to a written executive-level recommendation.

Fractional CMO

Making the organization more commercially viable can take different paths: building strategy, design/development, providing leadership, better-enabling execution–or a combination thereof.

Timeline: three to nine months.

The Fractional CMO operates on two levels, supporting growth-related functions to maximize day-to-day activities while simultaneously building the capabilities to drive and deliver longer-term growth.  The engagement is structured through specific meetings designed to provide the needed support while minimizing any additional load on the company.

Work often begins with a Growth Audit to ensure clarity into the remit and alignment in delivering across all the critical functional areas.

It covers planning, marketing, product development, pricing, process improvement, brand, team leadership, and budget management.

Fractional CMO services can also be delivered along a narrower project focus for leaders looking for prescribed help with a specific problem or opportunity.

Leadership and Coaching

Extending an initial engagement or gaining new insights.

Timeline: three to six months.

Leadership and Coaching is a powerful way for restaurant leaders to access outside expertise on-demand and as needed.

For some companies, this is an extension of the initial engagement, but in a more prescribed manner, where the leadership team and appropriate functional area(s) can continue calibrating as they move along. For others, it is a valuable stand-alone service.

While every company is different, goals typically follow one of three forms (or a combination thereof):

  1. Help the team think through any adjustments that may be necessary to develop plans
  2. Be an outside voice to evaluate execution against plans
  3. Identify new or different approaches that may be necessary​

​In most cases, we work directly with someone in leadership. Meetings are co-developed with the company and tend to be standing topics centered on business performance and plan execution. Based on the culture and nature of work, most companies will work either through weekly check-ins or via monthly business reviews where we spend a half or a full day discussing the business.

Leadership Coaching

Results Guarantee

Deeply integrated strategy, longer-term results.

Timeline: 18 to 24 months.

Results Guarantee provides all of the benefits of the Fractional CMO program but with a deeper level of transformational support through longer-term leadership. Extending the relationship ensures long-lasting results by integrating the strategy into the company more deeply.

To help make this arrangement work, the starting rate for this service is lower than the Fractional CMO. A performance trigger based on mutually agreed-upon goals is included in the compensation plan. Should this trigger be hit, the assumption is that the company has realized some commercial benefit, which would lead to some commercial benefit in the relationship.

Results Guarantee