Use your culture to enable your strategy

Could the zeal for certainty in business limit…

how effectively can you drive growth?

People like certainty.

Businesses seemingly even more so.

Sometimes, when we push too hard for certainty, I wonder if all we do is limit potential or create an illusion.

It is an illusion because things we think we know don’t perform the way we expect.

Or a limiter because we put too many controls around new activities without giving them the freedom to shift and alter to become what they can.

I’ve seen this time and again.

So why does this often happen?

There is a disconnect between incentives and perceived role(s) for many of the functions in most organizations.

Rather than just looking for certainty over outcomes, look for certainty in the principles you want to guide how decisions should be made.

It’s one of the reasons why senior leadership becomes so crucial in growth.