This often takes two forms.

Many companies look for an extension of the engagement after the main body of work has been completed but in a more prescribed manner. By continuing to gain access to an outside point of view, the leadership team and appropriate functional area(s) can calibrate with my added expertise as they move along.

Companies without prior engagements will also sometimes utilize this service in situations when they are looking for a measured level of continued outside expertise.

While every company is different in what they may want at this phase, goals typically follow one of three forms (or some combination thereof):

  1. Help the team think through any adjustments that may be necessary to developed plans
  2. Be an outside voice to evaluate execution against plans
  3. Identify new or different approaches that may be necessary​

In most cases, I am working with someone in leadership. Meetings are co-developed between me and the company and tend to be standing topics that are centered on business performance and execution of the plan. Based on the culture and nature of work that is needing to get done, I’ve found most companies like to work in one of three formats:

  • Weekly check ins
  • Monthly business review where we spend a full-day discussing the business

While there will be correspondence, the deliverable in this area primarily comes through in the form of discussion and verbal advice via video, phone, and email.

Leadership and Coaching engagements typically last three to six months.