Making the organization more commercially viable can take different paths or forms such as building strategy, design/development, providing leadership, or better enabling execution. Or some combination of the above.

Typically, this role is operating on two levels at the same time; supporting growth related functions in maximizing current day-to-day activities while concurrently building the levers that will drive and deliver the longer-term growth plan. The engagement is structured through specific meetings that are designed to provide the needed support while to the degree possible minimizing any additional load on the company.

Work has often begun (but not necessarily) through the Diagnostic Offering Two program to better ensure clarity into the remit and alignment in delivering across all the critical functional areas.

Work will often cover areas such as planning, marketing, product development, pricing, process improvement, brand, team leadership, and budget management.

This area can also be delivered along a more narrowed project focus for those leaders who are looking for prescribed help with a specific problem or opportunity.

Work is delivered via regularly scheduled video meetings, emails, phone calls, and on-site visits at the beginning of the engagement and other key decision moments.

Fractional CMO engagements typically last three to nine months.