For companies looking to understand where and how the main drivers of growth could better perform.

I engage with the leadership team and other key stakeholders to work through a series of questions around areas that link to growth. This information is coupled with a review of other pertinent information such as recent and current plans, customer and competitive research, and business analytics to form an executive level written report that covers major findings along with recommendations for where and how to improve.

Two offerings are included in this service area:

Marketing Audit focuses exclusively on the marketing area and function inclusive of the aforementioned, media plans, messaging, creative, brand tracking/measurement, and team remit, roles, and structure.

Growth Audit adds on to Marketing Audit and also covers your product offering, pricing approach, evaluation of new product/service pipeline in the context of your strategy and growth goals, review of your real estate approach, and an evaluation of the connectivity between employee and customer experiences.

Work is delivered via regularly scheduled video meetings, emails, and phone calls.

Engagements typically take four to six weeks.