For companies that want to tackle a specific challenge or opportunity I partner within the organization to address a key growth opportunity or challenge.

Work typically runs along one of two tracks:

  • Strategic leader where I am conducting the analysis and making the strategic choices about how best to solve typically.
  • Mentor/guide to the team or project owner working to help ensure that solution is strategically sound and fits within strategy and overall business model.

In both situations I am working closely with someone on the leadership team as well as any key functional members given the nature of the work.
Projects are initiated typically with some type of intake that allows for a basic project plan to be completed to provide visibility into key activities and timeline that will lead to a written executive level recommendation that typically outlines areas such as:

  • Where to play
  • How to win
  • Capabilities needed
  • Probable resources
  • Timing

All work and presentations to be done remotely via video/phone.

Engagements typically take four to eight weeks.