Reduce waste In your development and innovation efforts

Can you afford to fail 50% of the time?

Imagine throwing away

HALF of what you spend.

Yet this is what happens to most innovation efforts.*

Take the restaurant industry.

Assume a .5% allocation to innovation.

That would equate to over $25B in wasted expense.

And lost opportunity for something else you could have delivered.

Which is why the impact is so significant:
– Missed plan
– Reduced competitive advantage
– Lost momentum
– And likely increased future organizational resistance

Most organizations try adding more to the pipe, outsourcing, or adding processes.

But they’re just band-aids.

The benefits of getting it right are profound.

Better revenues, margins, and market cap growth.

This isn’t lost on most of us.

Yet only 21% of executives strongly agree they have the expertise, resources, and commitments they need to succeed.**

Most organizations can materially improve their results by improving in one of five areas.

Without adding any additional expense.***

PS – We often hear about 90+% of innovations failing, which is true in genuinely disruptive innovations (v incremental/sustaining).


* Myths about new product failure rates, Journal of Product Innovation & Management, George Castellion
** McKinsey Innovation through Crisis Survey
*** Capital IQ data, Thomson Reuters Eikon data, Strategy and analysis