Old-school menu reengineering trick

I just finished reviewing a menu analysis with a mid-sized restaurant concept.

One of the discussion points centered on those items that sell well and are low-margin. We all have them.

Lots of discussion about reformulating the product, positioning it differently on the menu, and raising prices.

The reality is that if you do any of those, you’re likely to experience some level of blowback from customers and your employees.

A “trick” that I’ve seen experienced operators use is to take the item off the menu for a period (think about the frequency of your guest). Then bring the item back onto the menu, either reformulated or repriced, and see what happens.

A caveat to this. Your menu is a portfolio of products that are designed to deliver revenue and profit goals. Categories and products perform roles (financially and for the customer). Sometimes we carry an item as it makes the overall mix more effective.