Plan your sales around buying situations

Your sales are like layers of a cake.

Many companies build their sales plan inside out. They talk about how the sales will come from this product or this service.

Which they will. But it doesn’t map back to how your market buys.

Instead, think about what gets your market into a buying situation.

Buying situations allow you to frame your offering around the outcome your market tries to achieve.

These are typically identified by understanding when someone uses, with whom, and where.
For example, in a restaurant setting, we could imagine “when I’m on the run by myself and looking for something quick and healthy.”

Next, spend some time prioritizing. This will blend what you know you can deliver and where you think you can have competitive strength. You can’t compete on every front—make clear and distinct choices!

Ensure your offering and go-to-market have cues and triggers that connect to these buying situations. Work to build and maintain these consistently over time.

These are the layers of your sales cake. You are grounded in how your market operates. So, build your cake on buying situations.